August Home Access Solution Review: Answering Your Door On the Go

Sponsored PostAs a traveling family we are always on the go. I find the worst days for us are the days we have to wait at home to answer the door. Whether it’s to let someone in, wait for a package or meet people who will be staying at our home while we are away — I hate waiting at home to answer the door. Now, with the August Home Access Solution, I finally don’t have to.

August Home Access Solution

It’s been a few weeks since we installed the August Home Access Solution which is made up of three elements: (1) August Smart Lock, (2) August Smart Keypad and an August Doorbell Cam. The three work together to give you greater control over your front door and the ability to grant people access to your house, without you needing to be there.

Smart Lock and Smart Keypad Review

The Smart Lock and Smart Keypad work together to provide keyless entry to your house. As a mom, I can attest that this alone has been life changing. We live near the beach and I love to walk out of the house, lock the door with the press of a button and not have to worry about losing keys in the sand. It’s also handy for when we unexpectedly need to ask a neighbour to check on our dog.

Just this morning we were running late and a few steps from the house one of the kids realized that they forgot their hats for camp. Instead of fumbling for keys, my son hightailed it to the door, entered the code, and got the hats in record time. With one quick button push on the Smart Keypad, he locked the door and we were on our way to camp.

The Smart Lock takes things a step further as it allows me to unlock and lock the door from my iphone. More than a few times, I have come home with groceries and been able to quickly open the app with one hand and unlock the door with the press of a button. I like that when I leave the house, I can see the door is locked as the large button turns red.


A major bonus is that the Smart Lock works with your existing deadbolt and takes minutes to install. The magnetic cap is easily removed when the batteries need to be changed and the app warns you ahead of time when the batteries are running low. Once installed, the front of your lock remains the same. I like that from the street it looks like you still require a key to get into our home. The keypad is small and harder to see from far away then some of the larger keyless door handles our neighbours have installed.


If you are only purchasing the Smart Lock or Smart Lock and Keypad combo, I highly recommend also picking up the August Connect which allows you to unlock and lock your door from anywhere. Since the Smart Lock uses Bluetooth technology, on its own, it only works within a certain distance of your phone.

Doorbell Cam Review

The August Doorbell Cam is where things start to get really life-changing really quickly. As I work from home, a lot of packages are sent to our home. Unfortunately, in the past few months a number of them have been stolen off our porch and those of our neighbors. I sadly have had to instruct the people I work with that all packages must require a signature.

What this often means for me as a mom is that I can wait hours at home knowing a package is on its way but then have to pop out to get the kids at school or run an errand. Without fail, I return home to see the slip on the door and need to wait a day and then go and get the package myself.

Since installing the August Doorbell Cam, life has gotten much easier. I know the UPS man, our mail delivery lady and the FedEx man quite well. It is most often the same delivery people that stop by our home. Now when I am not home and the doorbell rings I can see and speak with anyone at the door from my phone. A simple push of a button opens the door for them to leave the package inside. I simply ask them to close the door and I can lock it right from the app again. While the door is open I can see what’s going on through the doorbell right on my phone and still chat to the delivery people who I instruct to leave the package on a small bench in our entryway. In total, these exchanges take less than two minutes and save me hours of time.


This scenario repeats itself when people come to stay, when the kids in the neighborhood want to walk our dog and even when a few of my girlfriends show up some nights to use our hot tub. I can be the ultimate host without having to be home.

Before ordering the Doorbell Cam make sure to check the voltage of your doorbell. This can easily be done by lifting the cover off your doorbell chime. The voltage requirements are displayed right inside. The August Doorbell Cam requires a voltage of 16-24 volts. And, if you have installed the Doorbell Cam, no need for the August Connect as the Doorbell Cam will allow you to remotely lock and unlock your door too..

August Home Access Solution

While I first was impressed by the August Home Access Solution for using websites like Airbnb, I am equally impressed by how much easier it has made life at home for this busy mom. Knowing the house is safe and knowing people who need to can have access to it while I am on the go has opened up a whole new world of freedom to me.

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