Trick-or-Treat for Unicef

Remember those little orange Unicef boxes that you used to lug around every Halloween. Well they are back…sort of. Here is the low down on Trick-or-Treat for Unicef and how…..

Roam Mobility

This summer as I prepared to head out on a 9800 KM road trip, my biggest concern was how I was going to pay my cell phone bill. I don’t…..

Los Angeles Pretty Woman Style

“I want the fairy tale.”  Vivian, Pretty Woman  You would be hard pressed to find a North American female who grew up in the 1990s and didn’t love Pretty Woman……

Yosemite National Park

After a luxurious night in Los Angeles spent getting over my mom guilt with good cocktails and shopping, I drove to Fresno to pick up my friend Dana. We had…..

Mom Guilt

Since the day my oldest was born, I have had some sort of mom guilt. At first, it was that I was physically enable to birth an almost 10 pound…..